A History of Repair Service
We make sure that all repairs are completed in a timely manner and that repairs requiring immediate attention receive a priority status.

Each part is carefully cleaned, aligned, and re-tested to the manufacturer’s specifications.
If a part is no longer available, we will replace it with an equivalent or superior part that satisfies the original circuit function.
In many cases, we have been able to build new components to replace the failed parts. This has allowed for the continued use of the existing radio and avoided the need to invest in expensive new equipment..
We provide written repair reports for your records after each repair is completed.

We have had many success stories with radios, subassemblies and individual modules that were otherwise considered unrepairable.

Some of our customers include:

YIG Oscillator and PA Repair
Do you have Dar or Twinstream radios?
The YIG oscillators found in these radios have been found to have high failure rates.
Some of these model numbers are 906570-1, 906570-2 and 906143-1.
We have identified the most common issues in these YIGs and have been able to provide a reliable and effective repair solution that avoids the need for costly replacements.
Have more than one in need of repair? We offer multiple discount rates. Contact us for more information.
We have been providing improved performance and superior reliability with repairs of other failed out-of-warranty YIG modules as well, including oscillators and PA’s from 2 – 23 GHz.Delivery is just a few days after receipt.
MRC Radio Repairs:
For MRC Radio (Vislink) — With years of experience in the repair of Microwave Associates, MRC and MA/COM radios and components, there aren’t many failures that we haven’t seen.In many cases with radios of modular designs (such as the Twinstream), we can repair the individual modules, saving you the difficulty of disconnecting and sending in the entire radio.We will evaluate and repair your out-of-warranty and discontinued microwave radios and RF assemblies,
including, but not limited to:
23 VX
23 CX
23 CC
FLR and FLH Radios
Microlink III
ProStar – MR, MR 7 GHz, MR 13 GHz, MRC, 13 T1
Twinstream/DAR Radios
Other Microwave Radio Repairs Include:

Alcatel  (Rockwell/Collins)
Avantek                                                             BMS
Central Microwave
Continental Microwave

Microwave Associates
RF Technology
Scientific Atlanta
Telco Systems
Western Multiplex

California Microwave
Collins Radio
Frequency West
International Microwave Corp

Terra Com
Western Electric